Detective Security Consultants & Facility

About Us

     Trigger Facility Pvt. Ltd is a Prominent company established in the year 2002.Since then the company has gained considerable expertise in the field of security management and is capable of meeting the entire gamut of security needs of our clients.

     Our strength lies in providing customized and cost effective security solutions to our customers,comprising of Corporate Houses, Industrial & commercial Establishments, Hotels & Resorts,Hospital, Housing Societies, Construction Sites & Organizations on
global arena.

     We Provide maximum security solutions at minimum cost. Right from Security Consulting, Multi-Level Investigations, Physical Guarding to Training and Technology, every security requirement is met with utmost care for details. Knowing fully well that each assignment has a distinctive  nature, we depend on our highly qualified and experienced  staff to formulate Specific approaches for total accuracy.

     The core strength of our organizations lies in human resources. carefully hand picked, each member of the team has specialized skills in critical area. The management comprises of veteran of the military and para-military forces, police officers and expert professionals.
The joint efforts of our chairman, company associates, directors and members of the staff have gone into making this company a fine example of perfection Mr.Kenny Vyas, Managing Director of Trigger Facility Pvt. Ltd. has field experience in handling various kinds of security services, investigation and liaison work with Govt.Agencies, Police, B.M.C for over a period of 20 years.

     Mr. Kiran Vyas, (Perfect Intelligence) has vast experience in corporate investigations, (Trade mark investigation).  
     We also have the necessary licenses and documentation with regard to govt. Funds / Payments.